Some time ago, Barack Obama has stopped to using quite old BlackBerry 8830 smartphone. Currently, he uses Samsung Galaxy S4 with modified software. We also know that U.S. senators will not use BlackBerry smartphones any longer. However, the true is that Android devices do not have exclusivity in U.S. government.

U.S. military wants to resign with Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones with Android Tactical Assault Kit.

These smartphones have special modified software and are used by special forces (e.g. SOCOM – United States Special Operations Command) during missions. Soldiers use smartphones for navigation, marking targets etc. However, a lot of soldiers have reported issues which indicate that Samsung Galaxy Note with ATAK software provides too low performance. Therefore, it was proposed to replace the current solution and use iPhone 6s instant of current Android solution. Of course, Apple smartphones will also have modified software, i.e. iTAK – iPhone Tactical Assault Kit.

In my opinion, this is strange that U.S. military has decided to migrate to Apple smartphones instant to use newer Samsung Galaxy Note models. However, I think that the choice was done due to the fact that iPhone 6s has achieved the highest result in AnTuTu benchmark. Therefore, this is the most powerful mobile among last year flagship smartphones. U.S. military has also probably very good agreement with Apple. I think that Apple has declared to provide long duration support and cooperation for this new solution.



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