In the network, you can find many conspiracy theories devoted to the slower performance of iPhones after the installation of the new iOS. However, so far no one has proved that Apple does it on purpose to force its customers to buy new, and at the same time faster, smartphones. Now it has changed. Apple admitted to lowering the performance of iPhones powered by older batteries. This information enraged users, and several of them decided to sue the giant.

If by some miracle you have lost information about the latest Apple affair, I am explaining it. A few weeks ago, one of the Internet users shared the Reddit forum with information that his iPhone 6s accelerated significantly after replacing the battery. As evidence, he attached the results of tests from the Geekbench benchmark. The creator of the application testing the performance of smartphones became interested in the matter. After a closer look at the results of tests made by users, it turned out that the effect of the slowdown occurs with owners of the iPhone 6s after installing the iOS 10.2.1 update. A similar situation takes place also in the case of the iPhone 7, but there it happened after uploading iOS 11.2.0. Apple has admitted that the energy management mechanisms have been modified to extend the device’s operating time.

So far, two lawsuits have been filed against Apple.

The argument from Cupertino’s company seems logical, but it does not convince a lot of iPhone users. Lithium-ion batteries get old and their performance decreases. Therefore, Apple deliberately limits the performance of CPU in smartphones with aged batteries. Without this modification, users of older iPhones would have to reach for the charger more often. However, not everyone shares this opinion. Five Apple clients filed a class action against Apple for using unethical methods to slow down iPhones. Another lawsuit was made by Stefan Bogdanovich, who focuses on the owners of the iPhone 7. He believes that Apple has introduced this update in order to force its customers to buy newer devices. For now, it is not known what the finale of these two cases will be and whether Apple will have to pay compensation to its clients.

You can find opinions that Apple’s activities are caught up in the practice of planned ageing of the product. In all of this, the worst thing is that Apple customers have not been informed in any way that their smartphones may run slower due to a used battery. However, in the iOS settings there is no option that would disable the functionality limiting the speed of the processor. Perhaps adding an enhanced performance mode and an appropriate message to replace the battery would be the best solution. Then, each iPhone owner could decide for himself whether he prefers performance, or perhaps more important is the longer working time of the smartphone.

Source: Business Insider

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