It is widely known that Apple is famous for its security. Even the special services failed to find the back door in iPhone smartphones. Other manufacturers have nothing else but to inspire from such specialists. It turns out that the components used by Apple in their devices will have to retire soon. Namely, it applies to sensors used in Touch ID.

This functionality has just become firmly established in smartphones. However, this is available on the market from some time. Fortunately, Apple has decided to work on something new and innovative. It will be a fingerprint reader placed under the screen. Immediately you say, that something like this has been already developed by Qualcomm. However, Apple wants also add face recognition mechanism to this system.

I must admit that this is very inspiring information.

Apple has a really interesting ideas, but sometimes their implementations are worse, especially recently. This is also no official information. However, if Apple wants to finally get out of their inner malaise, then they have to push their ideas forward. Their latest innovation was removal 3.5 mm jack audio port. We all know how people have reacted on this. Apple could do much more. They need to try harder to make a revolution on the mobile market revolution.

Apple Insider service has published very interesting information for fans of the brand.

It turns out that Apple reportedly wants to get rid of the Touch ID. As mentioned above, this gadget is already an old man among functionality. Could it be a light refreshment. The new mechanism will recognize us by applying a finger to the OLED screen. Of course, this is only speculation, but that’s not all. The fingerprint reader hidden under the screen smartphone would be very innovative, because probably every smartphone manufacturer will have this feature. Apple has another solution that much more fascinates me.

Apple has several patents related to face recognition.

It is possible that just such technology in the future will replace the standard fingerprint reader, i.e. Touch ID. However, this is at this moment very problematic solution. There is currently no suitable technology on the market and it would require appropriate database. In my opinion, yet this too far and we will have to settle for an interim solution between the two methods. There is nothing yet in the way, to create a hybrid system that combines features of a standard fingerprint and facial recognition. Then we would get a system that reads finger and facial features. Let us remember even if Apple introduces OLED screen in their smartphones, then they still may use the classic Touch ID. I hope that Apple will decide to hide the fingerprint sensor in iPhone 8 under the screen. Their customers should not weep after the physical reader. They like innovation and want to go with the times. These were always after founding the company.

Source: Apple Insider

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