Tim Cook, president of Apple, who took over this function after Steve Jobs, recently gave an interesting interview with ABC News. He referred to the scandal that came to light at the end of last year. It turned out that the iPhones with the older battery have a programmatically slow processor. This change was introduced along with the iOS update, and users were not informed about it. Now we have learned that the owners of smartphones with a bitten apple will be able to simply disable this option. This is a step in the right direction.

Apple’s customers reacted very nervously to the information that the update of iOS 10.2.1 deliberately slows down some iPhone models. At the beginning, the problem concerned only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. However, a similar change was also introduced for the iPhone 7 as part of the 11.2.0 update. Apple said that it is also considering introducing the same functionality for the other models. Then in various corners of the world there were lawsuits accusing Apple of intentionally obsolescence their products. At the same time Apple explained that the changes introduced in the iOS 10.2.1 update prevent the sudden discharge of smartphone battery caused by excessive energy consumption. Depleted lithium-ion batteries do not handle this load very well, which caused the iPhones to turn off.

Apple will give you a choice: faster or safer

A company from Cupertino, as part of an apology, drastically reduced the battery replacement prices in the iPhone 6 and newer models. The second element of the previously announced corrective action is the introduction of functionality in the iOS system that informs the user in detail about the state of the battery. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to check if they need to replace the battery. However, until now, no one has promised to turn off the controversial CPU slow down option. Several people proposed the introduction of such a function already in the December. However, Apple is one of those companies that is known for imposing its vision on the user. iPhone owners do not have much freedom to set up their smartphones. Fortunately, in this case, Apple said it would give its customers a choice. Although I suppose, that the option to reduce the performance of smartphones will be enabled by default.

Source: ABC News

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