Google developers surprised us already last year. Punishment of Google Keyboard (that is, Gboard) for the iPhone was already enough reason to take advantage of its interesting features. So it’s no surprise that after a year, the update will use the new feature of iOS. This is namely the possibility of using on-screen keyboards created by third parties.

Google Keyboard provides us many more options than the standard offered with a pure iOS. Access to the browser with the keyboard will allow us to quickly find content and send links to our interlocutor. The ability to browse the Internet without having to switch between applications at one hundred percent facilitate our work and communication through all kinds of messaging apps.

Quick access to data through the Gboard keyboard

For a long time Google, just as Facebook, gathered information about hours of work, sites and their availability due to the number of customers served per hour. This information will be immediately available in the search results when using the application. In the end, when held discussions, we want to know whether our movie in the cinema will take place at a certain time, or just need to find the nearest store, where we can get additional products to our party.

Google Keyboard for iPhone has got the support to others languages.

To date the application was for users living others countries, only curiosity. No support for the additional languages strongly limited the application usage. After the upgrade, with the addition of support for several other languages, keyboard Gboard in the end it can be fully used by us. Moreover, the list of innovations that have been implemented with an update, service is voice dictation. We can start it by pressing and holding the spacebar until microphone icon appears on the screen. This is a good option for people who want to save time. During these few years, speech recognition module for many languages really improved and is able to correctly interpret most of what we say.

Among the additions, which gave us programmers from Google team is also greater support for the latest emoji. Possibility to watch current Google Doodles is also interesting creators initiative. The keypad will signal us, when doodle update will be available. On the home page, we will see an animated icon with the letter G.

The very essence of a system keyboards from third party on the iPhone can raise a lot of controversy. Fortunately, not in this case, because we are dealing with an advanced development team from Google. Their application will certainly constitute a real competition for the default Apple keyboard. And all this, thanks to additional options and better support of the dictionary.

Source: Mac Rumors

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