Fast charging in this year’s iPhones is not new. This function appeared a year ago. However, Apple fans counted on the fact that this year’s smartphones will be sold together with chargers that support the USB Power Delivery standard. However, none of this. Apple engineers have not yet designed a small power supply that would support the fast charging function. That’s why in the box with the iPhone XS Max for over $1,100 you will find a 5 W charger.

Already a year ago, Apple was criticized for the fact that people who buy iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X’a, have to additionally invest in a charger that supports fast charging. Other smartphone manufacturers do not have the slightest problem with this. In virtually every box with a phone that supports fast charging, you can find the right charger and a good quality USB cable. Thanks to this, customers who want to quickly recharge their smartphones do not have to buy an additional charger. That’s why everyone was hoping that Apple would fix its own and this year’s iPhones will be sold with new chargers. There are even rumors in the network suggesting that Californian engineers are working on a project for a small USB power supply that supports fast charging. However, we did not see her at the Apple conference. In boxes with new iPhones we find very well known 5 W chargers.

Fast charging accessories for iPhone XS cost from $19 to $70

People who bought iPhones that support fast charging have 3 outputs. They can charge them using charger attachments, which will take a long time; Buy a USB Power Supply compatible charger from an independent manufacturer or purchase a USB-C adapter from the Apple store. When it comes to Apple products, the cheapest solution will be a 12 W USB power adapter. It was introduced to charge iPad. However, it works perfectly as an iPhone charger. It costs $19, but does not offer the fastest charging. Apple ensures that the iPhone XS can be charged from 0% to 50% of battery capacity in 30 minutes. However, you need a 30 W power supply, which is designed for charging MacBooks. Fortunately, Apple has not decided to come up with a way to quickly load smartphones. That’s why you can safely connect your iPhone to any charger compatible with USB-C Power Delivery. At the same time you will not miss the need to buy a USB-C <-> Lightning cable, which Apple priced at $20.

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