Opera is one of the most innovative browsers on the market. It was the first browser with implementation of such features as popup blocker and data compression. Unfortunately, Opera users with mobile Apple devices now have a hard nut to crack. They have to choose: either they will use an outdated version of the browser, or they will switch to the competition (Safari, Chrome or Firefox).

Currently in the App Store we can find two browsers from Opera: Opera Mini and Opera Coast. Unfortunately, they are gently speaking a bit outdated. The first one was last updated in June last year, the second in December. You know what that means. Using Opera on iOS (i.e. iPhone and iPad devices) is dangerous. Both versions of the browser may have unpatched security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may use. It is true that iOS is pretty well protected (thanks to continuous updates), but it is easy to imagine an exploit that will steal all data stored in the browser. The truth is cruel, Opera officially admitted that there is not a single developer who would work on Apple’s mobile version of the application.

Opera does not give up iOS.

At least for now. The network has sprung up after the publication of the above message. People thought that Opera completely abandoned iOS and will no longer update their favorite browser. Fortunately, it is not that bad. Opera has officially acknowledged that developers are currently focused on developing applications for Android. However, iOS was not crossed out. The update will be released, but no one knows when.

Source: Betanews

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