Edward Snowden is a guy who told us about PRISM program which is used by NSA (United States National Security Agency) to collect and analyze Internet communication data. He also revealed other top secret information related to spy on society. Of course, these data are used in order to improve our safety and to find and to arrest criminals and terrorists.

However, similar programs can be used by people who do not have such lofty goals. Unfortunately, our smartphones knot a lot about us. Thanks to these informations your Android or iOS based mobile can provide to you customized news and information about places which are interesting for you.

Edward Snowden will be promote new iPhone case which tells you if you are being tracked.

This is not only a piece of plastic with hacking logo. The draft of this case was presented during MIT Media Lab’s Forbidden Research event. The privacy case will be connected to the iPhone through SIM card interface. Thanks to this approach, the case will be able to detect any unexpected radio transmission. This will analyze not only mobile network communication (i.e. 4G LTE, 3G and GSM), but also WiFi, GPS and NFC. At a later stage, it is also planned to analyze the use of camera and microphone. The task of case is to inform end-user when the unexpected smartphone behavior will be detected. This kind of activity may indicate that the device is being tracked.

This privacy protection case is designed mainly for journalists, activists, and rights workers. These people do not want to be tracked when they are working on sensitive topics. However, they use smartphone devices in their work. As far, Apple did not comment information about this case. I wonder what their opinion is  about this.

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