We had a lot news during this year about problematic smartphones and approach of manufacturers to the faulty equipment. I am sure that the winner of this year will remain the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, Apple has also huge change to take the second position. The company with the apple logo is a kind of leader of perfectionism on the mobile device market, but this year they have caused a lot of issues to their customers. People were complaining about breaking displays, problems with the battery, and now it turns out that Apple has released faulty software.

Apple takes care about quality of their products, i.e. hardware and software.

However, nobody is perfect, so also engineers from this company make mistakes. You can find in the network a lot of disappointed Apple customers. I am starting to get the impression that the iPhone smartphones are not as good as they used to be. It turns out that the reason for the latest problems with iPhone 6S is the latest software released by Apple for this smartphone, i.e. iOS version 10.1.1. Not only that devices which are running under this system work less efficiently, but they generate also terribly heat. This is not warming up during working hours. The most interesting is that it comes to this during the free lying on the desk. Theoretically, there is no such applications that work in the background, would cause such problems. But this is not the only problem. Smartphones go haywire too much battery. Within seconds, the battery charge drops dramatically, then the device switches off. It is not known if the problem is the battery itself, or just management of the operating system. The problem is also visible when the smartphone is being charged. This can be charged up to 100% in a few seconds. This is a very serious fault, which prevents users from working on their loved iPhone 6s smartphones. These problems are not noticed by users who use the iOS 10.2 or development version. This means that the problem is closely related to the iOS 10.1.1.

Users begins to wonder if Apple is doing to deal with them jokes, do you really have lost control over their services. This is not the first such setback, and from moment to moment shortcomings are becoming more and more noticeable.

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