Daily bonuses for entry to the game has always encouraged players to launch the game every day in order to press the “Play” button, gather the bonus and quit the game. This time the Niantic Studio has decided to use this motivation method in order to increase the number of daily active users in Pokemon GO game. This is obvious that this the most popular AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game every is loosing its popularity every week. Also, “winter is coming”, so Pokemon GO trainers will spend less time outside catching Nintendo monsters.

To honest, this is quite cheap marketing trick, but it should work. I mean that in my opinion, players will launch Pokemon GO game in order to collect the bonus, but they will not spend a lot of time in the game. Therefore, I doubt that Niantic will make more moneys on micropayments thanks to this change.

Niantic has thought the daily bonus system in Pokemon GO and it will force players into some activity.

Therefore, it will not work in this way that you will have to only launch the game and click a button. Daily bonuses in Pokemon GO game will be received for catching a Pokemon or visiting a PokeStop. For catching a Nintendo monster every day, you will get additionally 500 XP and 600 Stardust. If you perform this activity 7 days in a row then you will get also larger bonus, i.e. 2 000 XP and 2 400 Stardust. The second rewarded activity is the visiting of PokeStop and spinning the Photo Disc. For this action you will receive 500 XP and additional items. Also, if you collect daily bonus for this activity 7 days in row, then you will get additionally 2 000 XP and greater number of additional items. Therefore, during the week you can receive for both activities:

  • 11 000 XP,
  • 6 600 Stardust,
  • a large number of items.

This is a clear message from Niantic Labs that they are loosing Pokemon GO trainers. Therefore, they have to do something to motivate people to stay in the game. Also, new trainers may have difficulties to catch up with veterans, so the Daily Bonus will help them to level up faster.

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