I must admit that in recent times there is no news about problems with Pokemon Go game. It seems that the Niantic finally cleaned up their yard and everything works very stable. Of course, as everyone assumed, the game is slowly losing its popularity, but the Facebook groups had not yet died.

Pokemon Go is the biggest hit among mobile games – no one will even discuss with this statement. This fact is undeniable. Of course, still missing a few features that greatly facilitate the players to life, but the truth is that there is already a lot better. This is a good time to surprise Pokemon trainers, because soon they will begin to move away more and more.

Unfortunately, we can not count on the appearance of fights between players at this moment.

For now, you can only fight in gyms. PvP system is unavailable and it does not seem to be available soon. Currently Niantic carry on a conversation, how such a system would look like, what is the real expectation of the market and what they can do in this regard. Niantic Labs CEO provides, however, that developers are working hard on the other functionality that really will appeal to players. It is, of course, long awaited Pokemon trading system. It also planed to add Nintendo monsters from the next generation, in order to motivate players who already have caught them all. Unfortunately, Niantic CEO did not declare when these features will be implemented in the Pokemon Go game.

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