For some time trainers Pokemon GO divided into a network of information about his new prey. This is one of the creatures that had been missing from the first generation in our Pokedexes. Namely, famous Ditto, of which rumors circulated almost since the beginning of Pokemon GO release. Niantic recently added code to the game which is responsible for the Ditto’s animation and the transformation attack. We had wait only for release of proper changes on the Pokemon GO game servers.

Sorry, I have some bad news for you, because catching of Ditto is not so easy. You will not see this Nintendo monster on the radar, because the new Pokemon appears in the game as one of the other. If you do not want to miss Ditto, then you will have to catch every creature that appears in your area. Videos on YouTube show that Ditto likes to hide as common Rattata, Pidgey or Weedle. Fortunately there is a way to increase your chances in the hunt. Niantic never hid that Pokemon GO is going to be a social game and it will build relationships between players. Therefore, in this case, the key to success is cooperation.

Catching Ditto is not a random event, this Pokemon occurs as the same for all players.

In short, if after catching a Pidgey, it will prove to be a Ditto, it is necessary to divide up your happiness on the social medias. The Ditto hides as the same Pidgey also for other players. Ditto was not a strong Pokemon in the anime, but it can be very useful in Pokemon GO during the fighting in Gyms. Annoys you the Snorlax defending a nearby church? If you chose Ditto, then it will transform into your opponent at the beginning of the fight. CP points of your Ditto will also be tweaked after the transformation, but not necessarily to the same level, which is the opponent. It seems that CP level affect the Ditto transformation depends on the IV and the level of development of the Ditto. It seems to me that soon the famous situation with Vaporeon in Central Park may happen again. I would not be surprised if the Pokemon GO players again would massively show in one place because Ditto has just appeared there. What more skeptical players believe that this is the last big change in Pokemon GO this year. However, I hope that the recent reports are confirmed and the awaited second generation will be released on 7th December (this year).

Source: Niantic Labs

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