I think that a lot of people are waiting for Nintendo NX console. Generally, we know a lot about this upcoming gaming console. People are excited about the vision of portable and stationary console in one device. They even do not complain about the fact that Nintendo does not want to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

However, fans of old-school games are disappointed that Nintendo NX will not provide the backward compatibility with Wii and Wii U games. People love new modern titles, but they would like to also recall the good old days.

It looks that Nintendo NX console will support mobile games from Nintendo.

I bet that now you are wondering if Nintendo has released any mobile game. Unfortunately, the list of these games is very short. However, it should change in the near future. It looks that Nintendo wants to port their classic games also on mobile platform. They did not confirm rumors about Nintendo NX, but it is very probably that their next console will be powered by Nvidia Tigra processor. Therefore, it should be possible to run games designed for mobile platforms on this upcoming Nintendo gaming console.

Nintendo cooperates also with DeNA company.

The partnership between Nintendo and DeNA involves the development of Nintendo mobile games. The first production in Miitomo, this is not classic game, but the social networking mobile application. However, I hope that DeNA will prepare also mobile versions of well-known Nintendo classic games, e.g. Mario Bros, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong etc.

Nintendo NX should be also much cheaper than the current generation consoles. They do not want make the same mistake as in the case of Wii U console. People preferred to spend their money on more advanced gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. I hope that thanks to this approach, this will be very popular platform and Nintendo will have a lot of customers. They have a lot of exclusive playable titles which are recognized and loved in every corner of the world.

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