It has been waiting long time for an information when Super Mario Run will stop to be exclusive title for Apple devices. Couple days ago there was published an information on the official Nintendo of Europe Twitter that the game will be released on Android devices in March. It will be possible to receive an official notification when Super Mario Run become downloadable on Android devices. In order to get this, you have to register on the website of the game in the Google Play store.

Android version of the game will be developed and updated together with previously released production on phones and tablets from Apple. Production itself will be a novelty for holders of Android devices. With such treatment Nintendo will be able to improve the statistics of sales of the product. The game will be offered in the same way as it has been solved in the App Store. You will be able to download and install the game for free, but it will be a typical trial. In this way everyone will be able to try the game without spending a cent. However, when you decide buy the complete game, after paying $10 all levels will be unblocked. Nintendo will not charge any other fees. Even when they prepare an update with new levels.

Super Mario Run is ready for the action

We already have seen the gameplay the game, so most people have an opinion if it is worth of buying. All this thanks to earlier access of this game on iOS. Of course, for those who do not yet know the game can be compared to a typical Sonic or the mobile version of Rayman. Our character is moving in the fast lane to the right, with the help of the player taping screen will be able to jump up and go down, squeezing out depart, avoid obstacles and so on. All this in order to get as many coins as possible and finish the level. Additionally, it will be possible to publish your result and compare with friends. It is worth also to mention that you will be able to spend collected coins on decorations on your village map.

Following Nintendo’s official profile, we can also learn about the next two games planned on mobile systems. Announcement of Fire Emblem Heroes is already available in the Play Store and App Store. This will be a typical RPG production with a touch of strategy. The game will be released on 2nd February. Mobile games department of Nintendo also gave information that they work on a new title related to Animal Crossing series.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

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