A few days ago there was news that the LG UltraFine 5K monitor, which Apple recommends to new MacBook Pro, has a very serious problem with the Wi-Fi routers. For the record, this monitor can stop working if it is too close to the source of Wi-Fi signal. Interestingly, it does not have to be a router. Sometimes it is enough that MackBook Pro connected to your home Wi-Fi network will be located too close to the LG UltraFine 5K monitor.

This phenomenon was noticed by YouTube user. If you look up closely, you will notice that the computer is not running any program that would generate data transfer via Wi-Fi network. The only wireless devices that operate near the computer are Apple’s wireless mouse and keyboard.

LG admitted to shielding problems in UltraFine 5K monitors

The manufacturer claims that all the monitors that are manufactured after February 2017 will be equipped with additional shielding which will protect digital circuits against radio interferences. It is not known what customers, who have already purchased the defective UltraFine 5K displays, should do. I would have advised them to simply use the complaint procedure. Rather, there is nothing to wait for the official press from manufacturer. If you complain the well-known defect, then manufacturer will get back the repaired monitor. It is not known whether LG will install additional shielding, or perhaps simply exchanged defected displays for new ones.

I had a similar adventure with my scanner. It served me well, but one day broke down. The symptoms were quite specific, so I have accurately described the problem and took the manufacturer’s warranty. Somehow I did not depend on a fast repair, so I have turned scanner to the manufacturer two weeks before the end of the warranty period. It turned out that a failure was related to a well-known manufacturing fault. I was pleasantly surprised when I have received the new scanner and it was even a higher model. Of course, parameters were similar. The manufacturer simply stated that it does not make sense to repair defective devices. LG can do the same with UltraFine 5K monitors. However, remember that the final decision, when you advertise a faulty monitor, belongs to you. You can do it now or wait for the official announcement from LG.

Source: Apple Insider

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