When experts speak loudly that virtual reality is the future, the company, which could lead to their clients, to the great stroke technology and is already known from these activities, there is one – Microsoft. Silicon Valley giant has released information about his newest baby of Microsoft VR and HoloLens enabling augmented reality. It is quite surprising news since the previous talks about VR technology, not to take on too much voice, and once it did, its main strategy was to create a dedicated hardware on the system.

That was, until recently, today introduced a headset, puts concretions on his knees in terms of value for money.

In 2015, E3, Microsoft together with Oculus Rift’em announced cooperation and support equipment for the Xbox, and assured that he will be the main headset’em. As could be seen, it was a good strategy for a company that did not want to consume their own resources to get their own equipment VR. Suddenly, Microsoft announced VR headset for MS Windows 10. It is very interesting that comparing this equipment to the famous Oculus Rift’a, we buy it for $299, where previously the main equipment manufacturer offered her the amount of $500.


Despite such a competitively low price, Microsoft’s VR is nothing to boast about.

This beautiful miracle of technology offers us a new control system for motion and movement. Technology used in the “inside-out tracking” allows for more freedom in movement. As a result, we will be able to move wherever we want, of course, in a more limited range, because the street in VR will not run. I guess … This solution will definitely make our experience will be stronger. In addition to the presentation of Microsoft shows an application HoloTour, which allows us similar to Street View, guided sightseeing tours around the world. Maybe it’s better now not to comment on hardware specifications, which will be able to maintain rendering support for Microsoft VR. It is known, however, that the demo presented at the conference was fired on a laptop Lenovo Yoga, which has a 7-generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor and a screen resolution of 4k. For more information on the specifications of the machine, which pulls a miracle, surely we will get closer to the release date, which will be next year.

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