The Nintendo Switch is sold in a set that consists of the console itself, a TV set, a power supply, an HDMI cable and a controller holder. However, these accessories are not needed for people purchasing a second console. It was for them that the “Switch 2nd Unit Set” was introduced in Japan. Unfortunately, it will not be available in the US.

Nintendo Switch is quite an interesting console. It is a hybrid product that combines the features of a portable and stationary console. In practice, we are dealing here with a portable console that can be connected to the TV to continue the game on a larger screen. For this purpose, a special adapter is used, to which the HDMI cable and power supply are connected. On the other hand, Joy-Con controllers, when mounted in a dedicated holder, transform into a classic pad. However, not everyone needs all of these accessories. For some people it would be enough for the console itself, which can be charged with a separately purchased USB-C charger.

Nintendo Switch 2nd

The minimalist Nintendo Switch kit will not be available in the United States

Unfortunately, Nintendo stated that the “Switch 2nd Unit Set” will currently be sold only in Japan, where it is 17% cheaper than the poorest set with additional accessories. Therefore, citizens of the United States and Europe who would like to buy a second copy of the console will have to buy the whole set. For fixed-line consoles, this is a standard approach. However, the Nintendo Switch is mainly a portable console that can be damaged while traveling. Also, the possibility of playing on a small screen raises the need for several household members to have their own console. Perhaps Nintendo after the analysis of the Japanese market came to the conclusion that such a demand exists in the Land of the Rising Sun. Products sold on auction portals could provide evidence of this. That’s why Nintendo preferred to launch a dedicated set for sale in Japan, which does not contain unnecessary additions and is also cheaper. Who knows, perhaps after the premiere of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo will introduce the “Switch 2nd Unit Set” around the world. Finally, the integration of the portable console with the Pokemon Go mobile game can drive Switch sales.

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