Premiere of Raspberry Pi Zero took place a year ago. Even then, this model was a sensation on the single-board computers market. Especially, when the Raspberry Pi Zero was offered along with “The MagPi” magazine.

Model Pi Zero is available for the amount of $5. This is a great way to create a lot of innovative things for our home. It is through such a low price, Raspberry Pi products family gained interest among all the people who want to learn how to program the device. It is also a good solution for developing countries, because anyone can create their own low cost electronic gadgets.

Time for a new version – Raspberry Pi Zero W

What will be difference between standard and W version? In terms of the same hardware specification, we will not see too many changes. The model will have 512 MB RAM, mini-HDMI and two micro-USB ports. In addition, it will use the overclocked Broadcom BCM2835 processor, which is well-known from the first version of Raspberry Pi.

But what can convince your old equipment to move to the new version? At the first attempts to use the model Zero in the home, community facilities Raspberry struggled with one major problem. It did not have in-built communication module which could be used to control the device. Of course, after a quick analysis, there were many people who added Wi-Fi card to their microcomputers. Unfortunately, this nearly doubled the size of the entire system. Therefore, the creators, after hearing all advices, decided to install in a new device Cypress CYW43438 chip, which significantly increases the possibility of the whole platform. Users will now be able to safely connect to the network and other devices via Wi-Fi in 802.11n standard and Bluetooth 4.0.

Affordable price of Raspberry Pi Zero W

This is a good option. $10 for a fully operational platform to make experiments is a very reasonable price. This is the perfect gift for any enthusiast of electronics. The device can be used for almost any purpose. In many cases, people use Raspberry Pi microcomputers for the automation of many processes at home.

It should also be noted that in recent years, Raspberry board computers really stolen the heart of many fans around the world. Therefore, immediately after the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, it will be difficult to get this device at first time. However, the situation should normalize after a month or two after premiere.


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