Torrent, or rather BitTorrent is a protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. Its goal is a total relief connects the server that provides the files. Unlike HTTP, it allows you to split the link between the persons who take the file at the same time. This means no more, no less what the user when downloading simultaneously sends portions of the file to other active users.

So it all looks nice in theory it should be so. However, the network is an incredible number of users named leeches who only download files, send limiting to an absolute minimum, and then after complete downloading files remove him not to send the data further. Torrents it does not service the stream, and it assumes data exchange. The truth is that if the network would not be those who make, no one could collect.

There is a snag. It is the sharing of such information may expose the user to legal problems.

It turns out, however, that some applications such as uTorrent, do not work without sending data. Developers uTorrent and BitTorrent announced the fight against Internet leeches and introduced to their applications function, which is called Altrustic Mode. The name itself already busted me and we can already guess what it does. If you do not know, I will be pleased to explain this. The Altruistic Mode will allow you to share a lot more than you get from p2p network. With this feature user will give to the community at least two times what he (or she) has already downloaded. The truth is also such that it will limit the transfer of the download. In addition, the file you want to download, will fetch only when “turn” the network what you get. Altruistic Mode  has the determined ratio of 2:1 and it can not be changed. Also, radio of 3:1 was considered, but there were concerns that too many altruists among people receiving the file may even lead to the fact that no one will fully download the file. It is a kind of compromise.

The Altruistic Mode appeared in uTorrent  3.4.9 and BitTorrent 7.9.9. By default, this mode is disabled!

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