We have just met another European operator who is working very hard on the implementation of 5G technology. One of the UK’s largest mobile operators, i.e. EE Limited, has just announced that it will start tests of a commercial 5G network in London this October. They will include 5 companies and 5 households that will be within 10 test base stations.

We all know that the new technology of mobile telephony is fast approaching us. Base station manufacturers and operators are working quite intensively on new solutions to provide us with fast Internet access. This is, however, only the beginning to use 5G. In the future, this technology will be used to build teleinformatic systems covering entire cities. The Internet of Things, because of it, will improve public transport, allow for the unloading of traffic jams thanks to intelligent traffic lights, or help us find a free parking space. However, before this happens, operators must first provide a service that everyone will be willing to pay for. This is of course access to the super fast Internet. This is the scenario where 5G will focus the British operator during this year’s tests.

EE will launch 10 5G base stations in London

5G transmitters will be installed in places where currently 4G base stations are already present. They will be located in the area including City Road, Old Street, Hoxton Square, and Chiswell Street. During the tests, a 40 MHz frequency block will be used in the 3.5 GHz band recently acquired by the operator. In addition, each of the ten base stations has LTE systems that aggregate 65 MHz of bandwidth. Thanks to this, customers participating in the tests will be able to use even faster Internet. So far, the operator has not disclosed what the expected data download speeds are. We also do not know which base station manufacturer will provide the equipment needed for testing. However, 5 small companies and 5 households will have 5G prototype terminals. Perhaps the tests will take place using Chinese Huawei equipment, which works quite intensively with European operators. A good example is the currently operating 5G network launched by the German branch of T-Mobile.

Source: 5G.co.uk

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