Mobile operators rarely boast about far-reaching plans for the development of their networks. However, sometimes this information reaches the public. This time we have the opportunity to learn about the ambitions of the new T-Mobile network, which will be created as a result of the merger of the American branch of T-Mobile and the Sprint network. From the document prepared for the FCC it appears that the merger of both operators will allow the construction of a 5G network offering a maximum data rate of 4.1 Gbps.

Less than two months ago, the US branch of T-Mobile (owned by German Deutsche Telekom) and Sprint (here 85% of shares belong to the Japanese operator SoftBank) announced a merger. The new network will continue to be called T-Mobile, and the CEO will become John Legere. That is why many people describe this procedure as an acquisition. In reality, however, we will have to deal with a network that will be much faster, which will definitely appeal to American customers. However, in order for the new T-Mobile network to be created, companies must first obtain permission from the FCC and antitrust organizations. That is why representatives of the magent operator have prepared a magazine in which they describe the advantages of the planned merger. The most interesting data concern the 5G network speed, which will be achieved in 2024.

NetworkAverage 5G speedMaximum 5G speed
T-Mobile76 Mbps2700 Mbps
Sprint113 Mbps700 Mbps
New T-Mobile444 Mbps4100 Mbps

T-Mobile promises that 5G will be 5 times faster than the modern LTE network in 2021

If you look at promotional materials, you will notice that every operator boasts in them the maximum speeds of mobile Internet. We often see here values ​​exceeding 300 Mbps. However, the reality is completely different. The average speeds that LTE users will receive oscillate at 20 Mbps – 25 Mbps. This is not a “phenomenon” of US operators. It’s the same in the whole world. That’s why John Legere emphasizes that the new T-Mobile network will provide much faster data transfer, which will be noticed by all customers. Already in 2021, the 5G network is to be 5 times faster than current LTE solutions. This improvement will result both from the application of newer technology and gaining access to new bands and locations for the installation of base stations. In practice, it will look like a magent operator will rebuild both your base stations and Sprint transmitters in such a way as to ensure the fastest possible Internet for current and future clients of both networks.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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