Technological development in the smartphone market is slow. For a long time there was nothing revolutionary. Although we have better cameras and displays, but people have long been dreaming of the real no bezel smartphone. Samsung has started fashion on edge-to-edge screens (also in vertical direction) by releasing Galaxy S8. However, there is one small snag that annoys many users.

It is estimated that the winner of this technological race is expected to gain several million dollars from the sale of smartphones. Of course this the long-awaited feature is a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen. It turns out that this technology gives manufacturers a lot of problems. Samsung initially planned to use this solution in the Galaxy S8, but had to give up on it. The Koreans did not want to let go of the display of new exotic proportions, so they had to put a fingerprint reader in the back. Some have deceived themselves that the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a new solution, but the last leaks have been ruthless. Here too, users will have to put their finger on the back to unlock the smartphone.

KGI Securities analysts believe that this breakthrough technology will be introduced in Galaxy Note 9.

This information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a man whose Business Insider has hailed the most accurate analyst for Apple. This is of course a person who, on the basis of recent reports from the technology industry, is able to determine when new solutions will appear on the market. Apple in this year’s smartphone, which we will see in September, will use a new solution that recognizes the user’s face. This is to compensate for the fingerprint reader located on the back of the device. Samsung has already decided on the status quo in this matter in terms of Galaxy S9 and S9 +. The fact is that Koreans intend to change supplier of biometric solutions next year. New fingerprint readers come from Egis, which will replace components from Synaptics.

Therefore, Samsung-Kuo believes that the Korean giant will have no choice and will be forced to introduce new technology in next year’s phablet. We already know that Vivo is testing Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors. So, from a technical point of view this is possible. I think that manufacturers are still solving some nuisances. No one want to introduce fingerprint reader under the screen at the expense of deterioration in display quality.

Source: DroidHolic

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