We all know that there are only two major operating system on the mobile market, namely Android and iOS. Even Microsoft stopped to fight with this and they have decided to develop the technology which is able to convert iOS app to Windows mobile platform. Therefore, everyone is interested in development of mobile application on Android and optionally also on iOS. However, nobody thinks about Samsung’s Tizen operating system which is on the market since 2012. This OS is mainly used on low cost smartphones with weak components, but it has also low hardware requirements and great code optimization.

I mean that if you have the choice between Tizen and Android smartphones with similar components, then the Tizen phone will provide better performance. However, Android mobile will offer much more applications. Samsung is aware this problem, so they have decided to launch the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program in order to promote active developers. This is also the firsts initiative which brings with it financial benefits for developers this niche platform.

Samsung is going to invest total of $9 million into the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program.

The main target of this program is to provide the best mobile applications for Tizen community and increase the mobile experience of Samsung’s customers who bought Tizen smartphones. If you are a Tizen developer and you want to participate in the program, then you have to submit your new or already existing application via incentive.tizenstore.com site. The registration process will start in January 2017, so you should mark this in your calendar. The Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program will run from February to October next year and Samsung will pay $10,000 for every application from the top 100 apps downloaded list every month. Winners will be noticed on the 10th day of every month starting from the March 2017. The math is very simple, Samsung is going to invest $1 million every month into this program, so this is $9 million in total.

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