Editors really like the time when various conferences are placed. Then we have really a lot of news to discuss. It just so happens that we already are waiting for a very important conference organized by Google.

The star of the event is supposed to be the new smartphone from the company, that is, the long-awaited Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. But the truth is that they are not the only breaks that the giant from Mountain View will present to us. Hardware presented on Google’s conferences is only a supplement, in spite of appearances. It turns out that in the network there are rumors that allegedly Google will be at the conference to present its new hybrid operating system which is called Andromeda.

Andromeda will be a system that combines the capabilities of Android and Chrome OS.

The network circulate rumors that Google has already tested their new system on the HTC Nexus 9. There is even an evidence which is placed in AOSP version of Android Nougat. It turns out that among the file system, you can find a file named SurfaceCompositionTest.java. It is a set of many low-level tests to measure graphics performance of the device. This test applies just to the Andromeda system and it turns out that the Andromeda will be able to work only on those devices that in this test will achieve a fairly high score. The minimum number threshold is 8 points. Fortunately, even two years old NYC Nexus 9 had achieved 8.8 points in this test.

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