I have been waiting long time for Microsoft operating system like Windows 10. Of course, there is a lot of great operating systems on the market already, but I have a hope that Windows 10 will being constantly improved.

I can tell that I hate Windows but I have to use it. Some programs do not work on other operating systems and there is no any decent alternative of these apps. That is a pity! So, I am so satisfactory that Windows 10 exist! However, the biggest surprise is the new toy. It is a small package from Canonical. Users, who use Linux know what it is. It is real BASH. Not something like PowerShell – cheesy knock off! Original, Linux BASH. Of course, haters told, that it is unnecessary but I am convinced that there will be amateurs.

With Anniversary Update for Windows 10 we can install BASH on our system from developers settings.

This is nothing special. Only Linux BASH on Windows system and Bash functionality becomes an integral part of Windows. In particular, it can be useful for developers or people accustomed to Linux, which are forced to use Windows. Special for me. I am so angry, when I have to use mRemote or PuTTy. It is not as great as the classic SSH!!! Virtual machine with Linux is not good too. Everyone can install BASH in Windows 10, you do not have to be a developer in order to accomplish this task. You just have to select a few options and activate it on your computer. This relates to active users who have already installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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