Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is something more than well known Service Packs from previous Windows operating system versions. This is not only the set of all fixes. Anniversary Update will bring a lot of new features and improvements. Microsoft has prepared several new tools and mechanisms.

Anniversary Update is the second big update for Windows 10 operating system. At the beginning, Microsoft planed to release it just after Windows 10 premiere. However, these plans had to be changed. Therefore, we will get Anniversary Update a year after Windows 10 release. A lot of people think that after Anniversary Update, Windows 10 will be such that Microsoft had planned from the beginning.

Anniversary Update will be released on August 2nd.

However, if you want, you can already install Anniversary Update on your computer. This is possible thanks to Windows Insider Program. It means, that you can test Microsoft’s products before their official premiere. Microsoft uses feedback from Insider Program users in order to improve quality of their software. Generally, Microsoft has almost finished work on Anniversary Update, so the version available in Insider Program is almost the final version.

Windows 10 update will be free till July 29th.

Therefore, if you have not installed Windows 10 on your computer then you should to do this as soon as it is possible. After this date you will have to pay for Windows 10. To be honest, later or sooner you will have Windows 10 operating system anyway. You do not believe? Are you still using Windows XP? I bet that you already know what I mean.

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