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Ping Test is fast and accurate tool for quality measurements of the Internet connection. It checks delays in millisecond between your computer and selecter remote server. The ping value strongly depends on the distance to the server - the bigger distance the ping value is higher. Your connection is stable if the chart is like straight horizontal line.

Download results in CSV file after the test.

How does the ping test work?

Ping Test is a simple tool which measures not only the download and the upload speeds of your Internet connection like many Speed Test sites, but it measures also the latency. What does it mean? The latency result is equivalent to the ping command result. In the practice, it shows how much time a packet needs to pass the route from your computer to the server and back. You probably have seen your ping many times when you were playing online games (e.g. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or World of Warcraft). However, tool is better than standard ping command, because measures the latency for small and large packets. It may happen that large packets are fragmented in your ISP network. In this case, the latency for large packets will be higher than for the small ones. Standard ping command will not show you this difference.

Small latency (i.e. so-called ping) is not important only for online games. The big delay decreases also the quality of VoIP (Voice over IP) and Video calls (e.g. Skype). In extreme cases, large ping may also slow the response time of webpages and other online services.

The result of ping test highly depends on the number of nodes on the path between your computer and the server. These nodes are called routers and they are responsible for packet transmitting from the source IP address to the target IP address. Each packet has to be processed by the router and this operation takes some time. Also, the ping is increased by the delay introduced by physical link between two routers. Therefore, the large latency is visible in case of intercontinental connections where very long fiber links are used.

High ping values may be also observed in case of overloaded routers, links or servers. All network elements use the FIFO (First In First Out) queue, i.e. all received packets are stored in the buffer and the oldest packet is processed as the first. The overload happens when the router or the server can not process all packets on time due to the link speed or resources limitations. In this case, the packet is stored in the buffer for a longer time.

Knowledge Articles

What is ping

The title ping is one of the most popular and the most useful tools used for making a diagnosis of network connections based on the TCP/IP protocol. Its implementation can be encountered practically in every operating system supporting the above-mentioned protocol.

What is DSL

The notion DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) hides in itself a family of technologies enabling transmission of digital data of a maximum bandwidth up to 40 Mb/s, with the use of classic analogue telephone lines.

What is GPRS

GPRS is a technology of a cordless transfer of data, used in mobile communications, based on a package method. The main fundamental assumption of GPRS is a division of transmitted data into separate packages, instead of a used so far method of continuous transmission.

What is ICMP

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is one of the ISO/OSI network layer protocol. Its task is to operate a control function of correctness of the working network. With the help of ICMP it is possible to send different kinds of low-level messages about detected abnormalities during network connections.

What is latency

“Latency” is a general term which means, especially in widely understood computer systems, all kinds of delay during performing a given operation. Coming to more details, namely to computer networks, “latency” is defined as all kinds of stoppages or delays which occur during transmission of data packets, and in processing the received ones or the data prepared to be sent.

What is aDSL?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is technology from the xDSL family serving for ensuring an access to tele-computer lines, so the most frequently – the Internet.

What is vDSL?

VDSL (Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line) belongs to the xDSL family of technologies. It is mainly used for digital subscriber lines in which a very high transmission speed is required.

Fiber optics

Some kind of transmission medium goes under a colloquial name of fiber-optics. They use luminous signal (not e.g. electromagnetic impulses) for sending information.

What is WiMAX

The name WiMax defines one of technologies of cordless access to teleinformatic networks, and in practice – simply to the Internet.

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