People are able to do various strange things in exchange for getting a new iPhone for free. I do not mean here any immoral proposition. One of T-Mobile’s customers went to a pretty surprising deal. He asked his operator about the iPhone 8 in exchange for tattooing T-Mobile logo on his arm in visible place. The T-Mobile CEO accepted the deal, so there was no retreat.

John Legere is the CEO of T-Mobile’s American division since 2012. He is a very charismatic figure. By the way he is very active in social media, so he quickly noticed the Philip’s Harrison post. T-Mobile’s chief accountant on Twitter has agreed to the conditions and managed the proof from Philip. The boy immediately stepped into action and after a few days posted a picture of the tattoo.

The T-Mobile chief kept his word and donated the iPhone 8.

In addition, Philip also got a package containing gadgets related to the operator. The whole story became quite loud. Will Philip see his followers? Apple fans do not like the iPhone 8, because it looks very similar to last year’s model. However, I would not be surprised if after the launch of the iPhone X appeared on this type of attempt to acquire this smartphone. True, T-Mobile has a lifetime subscriber base, so the prospects of other operators are likely to be better. Who knows, perhaps this fashion also goes to other countries.

Source: Twitter

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