John McAfee is famous because of creating the first commercial anti-virus program that is currently not well-received. But John McAfee himself has nothing to do with McAfee Associates for more than 20 years. Through this time he had contact with many security companies. A few days ago he announced that he is going to produce the safest smartphone in the world, named John McAfee Privacy Phone.

What should be so special about this new smartphone? The John McAfee Privacy Phone will have a set of physical switches that will allow the user to disconnect Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, as well as camera, microphone and even the battery. This ensures that we do not eavesdrop on, even if someone breaks the smartphone’s security software. It is clear that John McAfee does not trust the airplane mode (this way you can disable all communication modules) and even switching off our smartphone (device may remain in standby mode). That is why the controversial safety spec puts the old good mechanical solutions.

John McAfee Privacy Phone also has special software.

The picture shows that the smartphone will work with Android operating system. However, MGT (John McAfee is boss of this company) will ensure that the safest smartphone in the world will not be susceptible to common attacks. It will be resistant not only to various types of viruses and rootkits. The John McAfee Privacy Phone is unlikely to be eavesdropped with stations that pretend to be operator base stations or Wi-Fi hotspots. It all sounds a bit like a fantasy, which we can not now verify even the slightest. Details on how John McAfee Privacy Phone will take care of our security will be revealed before the launch of the smartphone. However, it will be still this year. Unfortunately, it will not be a cheap toy, because John McAfee priced his revolutionary smartphone at $1100.

Source: Newsweek

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