From time to time we receive new rumors related to the next year’s flagship of Samsung. Galaxy S10 will appear in the first quarter of next year. Koreans have been presenting their flagships in two shields for several years. However, next year we will see at least three variants from the Galaxy S10 series. One of them is supposed to have a traditional “flat” display without characteristic bends known from Edge models.

Recently, there has been little confusion about Samsung Galaxy S10 variants. A few days ago, the XDA-Developers team reached the list of Android Pie files for the new Samsung flagship. They suggest that next year we should see four variants of the Korean flagship:

  • beyond0 – Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 5.8-inch screen, a side fingerprint reader and a single camera,
  • beyond1 – Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 5.8-inch screen and dual camera,
  • beyond2 – Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a 6.44-inch screen and a triple camera,
  • beyond2 5G – Samsung Galaxy S10+ the same as above, but with a modem that supports 5G network.

The latest rumors reveal the names of models of 3 Galaxy S10 variants

New rumors do not have to be a denial of the previous ones. This time we have known the designation of the international version of the Galaxy S10:

  • SM-G970F – a 5.8-inch flat screen model,
  • SM-G973F – a 5.8-inch Edge type model,
  • SM-G975F – model with 6.44-inch Edge screen.

Since these are models of international versions, it is quite possible that next year Samsung will release 4 variants of the Galaxy S10. The fourth model with the 5G modem would be sold only in Korea. Therefore, it is not on the above list.

Now the question remains, what Samsung is really preparing for us. Maybe the Koreans are still modeled on Apple and will present us the equivalent of the iPhone XR. Galaxy S10 with a traditional screen can be a “budget” model with a good class processor and a single camera. Such a smartphone could quite well be accepted on the market if Samsung appropriately priced it.

Source: Ice Universe

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