Owners of smartphones from Apple have become accustomed to the fact that in contrast to Android users, they receive regular updates. Sometimes it happens that the iOS works on older equipment less efficiently, but at least these updates are. People who bought iPhone 7 Plus also were waiting for release of update for new iOS by the giant from Cupertino. They had already iOS 10 preinstalled on their new brand mobiles, but iOS 10.1 introduces the Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus. This is new shooting mode which takes benefits from dual-camera system.

It is used to create pictures with a blurred background and sharp plan so characteristic of a good SLR cameras.

Personally, I like such kind of photos and I lacked of such a feature in smartphones. I do not want to always care a big SLR to get this effect. The Portrait mode was already available in the beta version of iOS 10.1, but now this has been released to the stable version of the system. However, you have to remember that the Portrait mode itself is not yet in the final state, although iOS 10.1 is stable. In the past, Apple applied a similar approach in case of Siri. Apparently a pity that this is not the final version of this functionality, but on the other hand, most tests are done on living organisms. The iOS 10.1 update is not only about this single feature and Apple has introduced a lot of changes. Many of them concerns the camera and pictures taking, but this is not the only direction of development of the system. A lot of changes were implemented in the maps, news, Apple Watch, but also many amendments of functional connectivity, iTunes. The full list of changes is available on the changelog on official Apple site.

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