The SoC (System on a Chip) market for Android smartphones has been dominated by Qualcomm, which is the most popular and largest manufacturer of integrated circuits for mobile devices. However, some manufacturers (such as Samsung and Huawei) decide to develop their own chipsets, which they place in their smartphones. Samsung does it quite well, which is why it is thinking about selling Exynos systems to other manufacturers.

Samsung is a leader not only in the production of smartphones. This Korean company is also doing very well as a manufacturer of components for mobile devices. The technology used by Samsung is so refined that their processors are able to withstand the confrontation with the top Qualcomm Snapdragon systems. Flags from the Samsung Galaxy S series have been appearing in two versions for several years. Exynos models are sold on the European market and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets are used in the United States. The performance tests performed annually show that both systems have similar computing power.

Samsung intends to sell Exynos processors to an increasing number of customers

Exynos chipsets occupy the fourth place in terms of market shares in mobile processors. Of course, Qualcomm took the first place, Apple is the second, and MediaTek closes the podium, whose processors are found in many smartphones sold in China. Market observers believe that for Samsung it is a good moment to strengthen its position. Exynos chipsets should be well received on smartphones with so-called medium shelf. Their big advantage will be the integrated 5G modem. The first mobile networks of the new generation will be launched as early as next year, and in 2020 we are preparing a bum related to 5G. Therefore, many smartphone manufacturers will want to release devices that support the new technology. Although the positions of Qualcomm and Apple are not endangered, however, MediaTek should be afraid.

Source: Digitimes

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