The times when people decided to choose an operator’s offer due to the new smartphone have long since ended. Many people liked the offers without a phone, because the new device can be purchased free from the market or from the aftermarket. Another problem are applications installed by the operator, i.e. bloatware. Fortunately, German department of T-Mobile went to the head and decided to eliminate unwanted applications.

Buying an Android smartphone from the operator has its good and bad sides. The biggest advantage of this solution is the certainty that the installed software is 100% of the services offered by the network. The most important here is of course native support for VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling. We also guarantee that updates provided by the operator will not create any surprises or compatibility problems. It is also worth remembering that the operator also checks whether the smartphone sold by him supports all novelties related to LTE-Advanced. It is, among others, for aggregation of frequency bands used by the operator and 256 QAM modulation. However, many people hate Android smartphones modified by the operator, and I am not surprised at them. Pre-installed applications take up a lot of space and can not be completely removed. Fortunately, some carriers want to fight it.

German T-Mobile has a plan on how to get rid of bloatware

By bloatware, we understand those applications that are installed by default the first time you start your smartphone. Unfortunately, most often you can not uninstall them. An Android oriented user, at most, can block them, but they will still occupy space in the device’s memory. In turn, Deutsche Telekom, which owns T-Mobile, has posted on its blog an entry explaining the new configuration method purchased from the device operator. Subscribers at the first launch of the smartphone will be able to choose which applications they want to install and which ones they do not. The new mechanism will also automatically configure settings for cellular data, MMS and VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling. However, previously selected applications can be uninstalled at any time. Thanks to this, T-Mobile customers will have total control over their devices. Now we have to count on the American operator’s branch to implement the same solution.

Source: Deutsche Telekom

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