There is a lot of smartphone on the market. Today I have for you a photo of new mobile which is not released yet. This is what will most likely look like a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This is the first photo in the network of new smartphone from this Samsung Galaxy Note family. The previously available images present the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from the front and the back. Also, color versions are known. Unfortunately, we did not know anything about sides. This was a secret, until now.

The newest photo of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes from Olixar site.

The Olixar company produce accessories for mobile devices. They already have presented new protection overlay for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. This photo is very interesting, because it shows the location of camera, LED flash, sensors etc. However, in my opinion, the most interesting is the bottom of this smartphone. It is clearly visible that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have the USB type C port! I bet that you also have to try three times in order to plug the USB cable correctly. This is very anoing, but the symatry is not an only advetage of USB type C port. This new interface offers much higher transmission speed, so maybe Galay Note 7 will support  new (i.e. upcoming) Gear VR. This information is good for players and Virtual Reality movies fans.

The second leak is from Zauba company in India.

Someone has taken a photo of shipment papers. What is interesting at this photo? You can very often find information related to the screen size in the shipment papers. So, we already know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have 6-inches screen. This is very interesting Samsung’s move, because currently small smartphones (e.g. iPhone SE) with 4-inches screens gain on popularity.

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