We all know that consent builds, and disagreement ruins. This rule also applies to the business world and new technology. We may think that all companies compete with each other, but mobile manufacturers often cooperate. However, Nokia and Apple have been fighting in court from 2009 to 2011. In December last year we were about to revisit, but both giants came to an agreement on patents. Thus, Apple will resume selling the Withings smartwatches which belong to Nokia.

Apple has a number of innovative patents that will lead to a revolution in the smartphone market. There is talk of such wonders as a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen. However, our smartphones are not just great displays or high quality cameras. We also need to keep in mind that these are still phones, i.e. telecommunication devices. The most important are all solutions that are used for wireless communication. Not only modern modems, but also antennas. Here, however, great innovator is Nokia, which at one time developed and patented many types of antennas for mobile phones.

The Nokia 8810 was the first cell phone with an internal antenna.

It was almost 20 years ago, and since then a lot has changed. Newer models have antennas working in different frequency bands. Therefore, engineers have a chance to patent very interesting designs. On the other hand, Apple has to use at least partial solutions patented by Nokia. That is why Apple had to pay Nokia for every sold iPhone. On the other hand Apple accused Nokia of monopoly practices. However, this is already the past. From today, Apple and Nokia are not rivals but partners.

Apple and Nokia will work together in the e-health market.

It will start with the return of smartwatches with the Nokia logo to Apple shops, which were withdrawn after the December decree. Details are not known, but it is possible that Withings smartwatches can be expected to integrate more with iPhone mobiles. Details of the whole agreement are not known. We know, however, that Nokia will provide services and network infrastructure devices for Apple. Representatives of both companies were delighted to announce their great cooperation and mutual benefit. Customers will also benefit from this deal.

Source: Apple

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