The biggest innovation in this year’s smartwatch from Apple is the introduction of a module responsible for direct connectivity to the mobile network. However, this feature only works in a few operator networks. Therefore, Apple Watch 3 is available in 2 versions: standard and LTE. However, it turns out that this technological innovation does not always work as it should. One of the editors testing the Apple Watch 3 LTE has noticed some serious problems.

Due to limited space, the Apple Watch 3 LTE does not have a regular SIM card, but its electronic equivalent, i.e. eSIM (Embedded SIM). This solution is so universal that smartwatch uses the same phone number as the main smartphone. However, operators require an extra charge for handling additional equipment. In the United States for such a pleasure you have to pay $10 monthly. However, Apple Watch 3 LTE is not available in our country because none of our native operators yet support eSIM.

The Apple Watch 3 LTE connects automatically with unauthorized Wi-Fi networks.

The problem was noticed by the Verge editor when was testing the new Apple smartphones. The device is not yet available for sale, but its shipping will start in a few days. Initially, Apple thought that the problem only affected a single device, but after replacing the smartwatch, the editor again noted the same problem. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch 3 LTE is capable of connecting to an unauthorized Wi-Fi network that has no Internet connection and is stuck in it. The device in this situation should automatically switch back to the cellular network, but it does not. Apple has confirmed that their software actually has such a bug. Engineers from Cupertino are already working on the patch. I wonder if they deliver the fix before shipment of the Apple Watch 3. No such patch could hurt Apple’s opinion as it is estimated that between 80% and 90% of people who pre-ordered the Apple Watch 3, chose the LTE version.

Source: The Verge

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