I like Apple product very much, but I am devastated that Apple is not innovative company. I am waiting for some movement from their site, which will make this company once again be the king of IT market. The network has already flowed photos showing the new MacBook Pro. Apparently they not show all its glory, but at least you can learn something about new devices even before the official premiere.

The most interesting feature is the replacement of the function keys on the touch panel.

This panel extends over the entire width of the keyboard and a built-in Touch ID button turning on the computer. It was called the Magic Toolbar. Therefore, after the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, we have got the Magic Toolbar. This is a really cool solution and highly innovative. The fingerprint reader can also be used to identify you. Additionally, the panel will display additional advertising content. Another important element is the lack of an old and well known ESC key. In my opinion, ESC key is not used so often by MacOS users and this is the reason why Apple has decided to remove it. However, a lot of people claim that this is sacrilege. Users are touchy on this point after the removal of audio jack interface in iPhone 7 smartphones. Some of them have started to worry about speakers. Fortunately they are and are doing well, the leaked graphics show their presence on both sides of the keyboard.

However, this is everything what we are sure.

The rest remains in the realm of speculation and rumors. MacBooks will be slimmer and lighter. We guess that it could run out of USB (A), MagSafe and memory card reader. I hope that Apple will not remove the card reader from new MacBook, because I use this a lot. However, they may include special an external adapter as same as they did in case of jack port.

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