Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile network base stations in the world. Therefore, the Chinese work very intensively on the implementation of the 5G network. This does not please the US government. The US not only prohibits the purchase of equipment from Huawei US operators, but also asks for similar bans in allied countries, including in Germany, Italy and Japan.

The trade war between the US and China is no secret. This time it is about something more. The US government fears that the Chinese telecom equipment may be equipped with backdoors and other mechanisms for spying. At the same time the matter does not apply to smartphones themselves. The main concerns concern devices installed by operators: base stations, aggregation routers, gateways, etc. Therefore, for many years the largest American operators have not bought from LTE base stations from Huawei and do not cooperate with the Chinese in the development of 5G. However, this time security concerns are coming out of the US. The Americans are afraid that Huawei, who is suspected of ties with Chinese intelligence and the communist party, may use the new 5G networks to US military bases, including in Europe.

The US is to offer financial assistance for banning 5G from Huawei

Journalists from The Wall Street Journal believe that representatives of the US government have contacted Germany, Italy and other allied countries regarding the disruption of the supply of telecommunications equipment from Huawei. It is no secret that the Chinese work intensively with operators in Europe and Japan. There are also US military bases there. At the same time representatives of Canada, Germany and Great Britain already spoke about the suspicions of the Americans. Huawei base stations have been undergoing the same security audits for years as the Ericsson and Nokia equipment. Until now, no one has proven Huawei to use spyware. However, one more important issue is raised. 5G is a new and unexplored technology in terms of security.

Here it is worth mentioning the fears of the Australian government. While Australia is not afraid of 4G LTE base stations coming from China, the 5G issue looks completely different. The local government believes that the new networks will be so complicated that they do not have mechanisms that would guarantee their security in terms of surveillance by foreign government. Therefore, Australians introduced a ban on the supply of 5G equipment from China, i.e. from Huawei and ZTE. Will similar prohibitions also appear in Europe? We do not know that. Until now, Europe has been favorable to China. For example, Germany believes that the currently used mechanisms and procedures are sufficient to ensure an adequate level of security of the 5G network.

Source: Engadget

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