Apple published a message informing about the startup of the display exchange program for the iPhone X. The problem concerns devices with screens that do not respond to touch or behave as if they were touched, but you did not do this. The exchange is free and can be carried out at authorized Apple repair points.

The iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone with an OLED screen. Therefore, it could happen that some devices have defective displays. Shortly after the release of last year’s iPhone, it turned out that it has a problem with the screens. Some users complained about the green line going through the entire screen of the iPhone X. I must admit that I seen such a defect at the exhibit of one of the stores. However, the problem described on the Apple website is related to a different ailment.

Apple exchanges screens on the iPhone X that have a touch problem

Giant from Cupertino determined that some displays on the iPhone X have a factory defect. It results from the failure of the module responsible for the interaction of the screen. The effect of this is that users can observe the following problems:

  • the display or part of it does not respond or only occasionally reacts to touch,
  • the display reacts even if it has not been touched.

If you suspect that the display of your iPhone X is affected, then you should contact your chosen authorized Apple service. During the conversation, you should refer to the exchange program run by the giant. In turn, the service technicians will determine whether the problem you are observing is caused by a known disadvantage. The exchange is free. However, Apple provides for additional charges if the iPhone X delivered for repair is damaged in some way (e.g. has a cracked screen).

Source: Apple

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