Internet Explorer is not my favorite web browsing application, to be honest I do not like this app. In my opinion, only people who do not have awareness of the dangers. A lot of people have similar opinion, so the Internet Explorer has become a laughingstock. I think that this is the reason why Microsoft has decided to change the name of their web-browser from the Internet Explorer to the Edge. Microsoft claims that this is not only a name change and they have developed this application from the scratch. However, users do not believe it.

Microsoft has a lot to do if they want to convince people to their new web-browser. They have developed quite good operating system, i.e. Windows 10, but users do not want to use the Edge application.

Microsoft’s browsers market shares in recent years regularly fall.

This is the fact, which is confirmed by the numbers. I have studied data from StatCounter company. They collect view page statistics from over 3 million websites since 2008. Therefore, they analyze 15 billion page views monthly. This data shows clearly that Internet Explorer had almost 70% market share 8 years ago. This is amazing result, because Microsoft’s web-browser was more popular than the Google Chrome is today.

Nowadays, Internet Explorer and Edge (StatCounter does not distinguish these two applications) are on the 3rd place, they lose with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, Safari slowly but constantly is gaining popularity.


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