I think that everyone has already noted that the Facebook Messenger application is increasingly developing. Of course, not without reason. Messenger is at this moment one of the most popular instant messaging app on the market, and all thanks to the grandly user base built on Facebook. The functionality of the application itself is really hard to comment positively, because Facebook Messenger has a lot of features which are not needed. In addition, new functionalities cause that the app is heavier and it consumes more resources of our smartphones.

Facebook is testing another addition to the Messenger which is called Rooms.

The first thing that came to my mind when I only found out about the Rooms, is a return to the old fashion chat rooms known from which were very popular about 15 years ago. In my opinion, the idea can not be bad, because people always liked to chat and nothing has changed today. Let’s start from the beginning. Rooms is the currently being developed functionality, which has not yet been released to the market. At the moment it is in the testing phase, and it is only available for users located from Canada and Australia. Not a lot, but Facebook is known from beta tests on limited quantities on the market. Personally, I am one of these ‘old’ Internet users, who still remember the chat rooms. It is true that these popular portals still exist, but I do not know whether to be as good as it used to be, the rooms were stuffed to the brim. Once time ago, the number of people in such rooms numbered in the thousands. Today, it barely reaches hundreds. Everyone is talking on Facebook, throw pics on Instagram and chirping on Tweeter. Conversations on Messenger’s Rooms will not be limited only to your friends. These rooms can also join those who are in the group of friends we have. I wonder how this differs from the currently implemented group chats. I am of course referring to the same ideas. Of course, it will be also possible to create private rooms. Then the conversation must be approved by the administrator.

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