Apple quite late introduced fast charging services to its smartphones. This solution appeared along with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. However, the company from Cupertino did not decide to join the new iPhones appropriate chargers. You had to buy them separately. According to the ChargerLab service, this year’s iPhones should be equipped with new chargers that support fast charging of 18 W.

Apple smartphones, which appeared in the autumn of last year, are sold with standard 5 W chargers. For obvious reasons, they do not support fast charging. People who want to charge their iPhone 8/8 Plus / X shorter, have to buy a dedicated power supply with the appropriate cable separately. Such a set in the official Apple store costs a total of $74. It is a USB-C power supply with a power of 29 W and USB-C to Lightning cable. Many people have criticized Apple for such a policy because other smartphone manufacturers are joining their respective power supplies and cables. It is quite possible that this situation will change this year. ChargerLab has prepared renders for the new Apple charger. Information on the project comes from an anonymous informant involved in the production process.

Apple prepares an 18 W USB-C charger

The charger, which is to be attached to this year’s iPhones, is larger than the Apple designs we have known so far. However, it is not surprising. More power requires the use of additional components that would not fit in the housing from the 5 W charger. The drawings show the European version of the device. The new charger has a USB-C port. This means that the box will also include USB-C to Lightning cable, which allows you to connect your iPhone to MacBooks.

The new charger should also be useful for owners of older Apple smartphones. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus, despite the lack of support for fast charging, can be charged faster with a stronger charger. Currently ideally in this role is a power supply for iPad 12W, which costs $12. I wonder how much Apple will wish for a new charger.

Source: ChargerLab

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