People who remember the slow development of LTE are quite skeptical about “futuristic” visions of the ubiquitous 5G networks. However, some operators have quite specific plans for the implementation of 5G. AT&T has just announced that it will launch 5G transmitters for 15 clients in 15 cities this year.

The time frame regarding the implementation of 5G technology in the Europe is different from in US. All European Union countries have committed that the next generation mobile network will be available in at least one large city by the end of 2020. By the end of 2025, all major cities and major communication routes are to be covered by the 5G network. In the United States, it looks completely different. Overseas, there is a race between telecoms for the title of operator, who was the first to provide Americans with 5G technologies.

AT&T wants to launch the first 5G network, which will be available to all Americans

In the United States, we have 4 major operators. These are: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. The two last players intend to join their forces and build a 5G network under the name of a magent operator, which will cover the whole country. However, it will do so using low frequencies (600 MHz band) that will not offer high data rates. However, AT&T and Verizon have been experimenting with 5G mmWave for a long time, a new technology operating in the 28 GHz band. It is this technology that will offer 1 Gbps data rates. So far, tests carried out by both telecoms show that 5G networks will be able to meet the expectations. Of course, each operator believes that its solution will be the best.

AT&T creates an operator who will be able to provide access to new technology for a larger number of residents than competitors. For starters, 5G will be available in 15 cities, but the operator has not yet provided a full list. For now, it is known that these will be towns located in various areas of the United States. That is why every resident of a big city in the USA can count on being able to use 5G later this year. In addition, the operator declared that he will also start selling devices that support 5G networks this year. However, they will not be smartphones. Most likely, 5G routers will be available in operator’s stores. One of them may be the Samsung SFG-D0100 router, which is already after the certification tests.

Source: AT&T

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