Exactly one day separates us from the launch of the new flagship smartphone from Xiaomi which is the Mi Note 2. There is still no official information how new mobile will look. However, there are several leaks about it. They may intrigue those especially interested in this famous brand from China.

Mi Note 2 has a show tomorrow officially. Fans are waiting breathlessly. I must admit that Xiaomi has recently made a name for itself quite a strong position on the market. They have the excellent ratio of price to quality of their devices. It turns out that for a small amount of money, which is much lower than the price of flagship devices from other vendors, you can buy a pretty cool smartphone with practically the same components.

According to unofficial information, the new smartphone from the Chinese will have a curved screen on the two sides of the device.

I have to admit that this information intrigued me, because it may look really effectively. Of course, as happens in this business – you can not deny the accuracy of the “inspiring” to other brands. This time the inspiration was the Samsung Galaxy Edge. From the front of the phone you can see a fingerprint reader. However, this is rather mundane functionality of today and should not arouse any emotions. Home key is slightly larger than the one we have in the older brother – Xiaomi Mi 5. Smartphone consists essentially of metal. The front is covered with glass. The camera of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is single. It has a tunable LED Illuminates. Rumours spoke of two lenses, but the leaked photos present something else. As you can see, Xiaomi does not copy the whole smartphones from competitors. It is also quite probably that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be available in several (2 or 3) variants with different amount of RAM and internal storage. This is the standard strategy of this Chinese manufacturer. The screen will be 5.7 inches ant it will support QHD resolution. The whole device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (64-bit, 4 cores) processor.

xiaomi-mi-note-2-leak_51-515x640 xiaomi-mi-note-2-leak_52-553x640

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