This is terrifying, over 70 cases of exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablets have been reported in the US. The problem is caused by overheating batteries with manufacturing defect. This is the reason why the Korean mobile giant had prepared the process of recalling and replacing all dangerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in US, Canada and other countries.

The report prepared by Health Canada and Samsung Canada says only about a single case of exploded Note 7 phone in Canada, however we had over 70 cases in US during the same time period. This is very dangerous when a mobile actually catching fire when it is being charged. Canadians may talk about luck, because only a single case of malfunction battery has been reported and 21 593 units of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been sold. This is good practice that Health Canada and Canadian department of Samsung do not wait for more frightening reports. These organizations have decided to start recalling process basing on the reports from US. In my opinion this is a very good move, because we all know that people learn from mistakes. However, the best that these mistakes were of someone else and not ours.

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