Apple has just prepared several commercial of their newest products, i.e. iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2. A lot of people claim that Apple does not have vision of their new products and they just apply solutions known from other products (e.g. Android smartphones). What is the defense of Apple? What they think is so great about their new products?

Commercial spots are good material to check what manufacturer really think about its own product. The first iPhone 7 Plus spot is about a man who really wants to ride a bike despite bad weather. Thanks to water proof feature, he can use his brand new iPhone 7 as a navigation and activity tracker.

The second commercial is about a man who captures amazing photos using new dual camera system in new iPhone 7 Plus smartphone. He also does not have to care about sprinklers, because his new mobile is water proof.

As you can see from these commercials you have two reasons to buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: water resistance and new camera system. Of course, it has also faster processor and more advance LTE data modem. However, it is hard to advertise such things. Apple is also proud that their new Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch is water proof, so it can be used by swimmers and fans of all water sports.

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