Certainly we can say that solid-state drives (SSD) are highly desired by all users. They will dominate over hard disk drives (HDD). Let’s see, in particular, looking at the reading speed, size systems, and much lower power consumption using SSD. Certainly, these advantages convinced many to buy these drives, but there are those who prefer the good old HDD. The reason is simple – a very low conversion rates on the amount of space offered.

Hard drives still reigns

There is no doubt that the popularity of HDD is still above average. These drives are used in many cases as a record number of files that do not need to have access on a daily basis. Of course, the conversion price for the amount of space offered, win always drives offer a higher capacity. So, to cater to their largest customers, Seagate plans to produce two new versions of the drives. They will be offered in capacities of 14 TB and 16 TB. It is indeed a large number, which will satisfy our desires to have all your files, games, TV series, photos or strictly commercial – have them back-ups of our machines. Moreover, as information Seagate 2020 wants to release up to 20 TB HDD.

Seagate offers really good value

Nowadays, nothing is certain. It is known that even if we buy some brilliant object with a million features, there is a chance that he will not stand with us even month. All a matter of quality of the produced object. As for Seagate, we have nothing to fear. Professional service, high quality and modern technology woven into the manufactured disk drives make it as one of the best on the market.

As for the latest hard drives, holders of 100% will be satisfied with them.

Disks line Enterprise Capacity with a capacity of 10 – 20 TB will have a reduced total cost of ownership. All thanks to the reduction of power consumption and cooling costs and lower weight of the disc itself. In addition, the average time of trouble-free operation at 2.5 million hours show very high quality equipment. New technology advanced write caching is added to the series will allow us also at 20% in terms of acceleration random write performance compared to the last generation of hard disks.

Source: ExtremeTech

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