The topic of fingerprint readers mounted in screens has been scrolling for a year since Synaptics introduced them. Until now, you could not find the perfect preview of how the sensor is installed. That’s why Zack Nelson from the YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything, decided as one of the first to undress for parts Vivo X20 Play and show in his film what really is the latest technology.

The one who follows the actions of Zack Nelson knows that his hobby is to dismantle the phones in part – though let’s be honest, in a rather brutal way. Thanks to his recordings, we already know how all modern technologies that smartphones show us at their conferences look from the inside. This time, courtesy of Zack, this time we could get inside the Vivo X20 Play. Honestly, the presented device seems to be really durable equipment, especially that the photograph of several elements, as shown in the film, was not the easiest task.

What is new technology actually?

We’ve already learned how a fingerprint scanner works. This reader is located under the OLED panel, which is translucent. This solution allows you to view the optical sensor matrix and the glass that covers it – and thus read the fingerprint layout when unlocking the device. Unfortunately, the demolition of the new Vivo by Zack revealed quite a major disadvantage of the optical fingerprint reader. In new devices using this sensor we will have to watch out especially for the screen. As far as scratches on it do not affect the reading of our fingerprint, so a crack in the vicinity of the location of the sensor may prevent us from using the phone. Of course, until the full screen module has been repaired.

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