27th October 2016 is a very important date for fans of the equipment with the logo of apples. Apple has scheduled for this day conference during which they are going to present new laptops. As we know, Apple once liked to surprise their fans, but recently they had bad days and their clout is no longer so great. Recently, on 7th September Apple presented new smartphones, i.e. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but this event brought more laugh than fame. However, we should remember that the Apple company is famous thanks to their computers and “all in one box” approach.

It turns out that Apple recently a little treat their computers with neglect and MacBook fans could not count on the introduction of any facilities.

The last major change took place a year ago. Cupertino giant has added to its 12-inch beauties faster processor and launched the new color. Changes probably did not enjoy quite as much as it was expected. The motto of the upcoming conference planned on 27th October is Hello again. Whether we like it or not immediately raises associations with reference to some Apple products, which has already gone on the market. I wonder how this is a marketing move dictated by the market, dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation in the products of the apple logo. Apple was always characterized by dictating the direction of the development of IT industry. Unfortunately, from some time I have the impression that the market dictates Apple what to do. However, there are rumors about a new Apple hardware.

Recently, Apple is famous because of interface removal.

Therefore, I am not surprised that people fear that Apple could get rid of the USB interface from the Pro version. The most likely scenario is that we will have USB Type C interfaces in new MacBook. But this is not the end. Gossip about the touch panel for function keys. Its settings depending on your application. Such a solution would be very interesting and welcome the opportunity to see a closer. Added to the MacBook to be too long been known from smartphones Apple Touch ID. This is the fingerprint reader. Frankly, I am very disgusted, that has not appeared so far in any of the models, because competitors already have fingerprint readers in their products. Conference Cupertino is not only about MacBooks, but also a new model of Apple desktop. At this moment it is not known yet how the market will react to the new hardware from Apple. For some time, however, Apple is associated more with the mobile phones than personal computers.

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