Nokia and BlackBerry have a lot in common. Both companies were once leaders in the market of mobile devices, but they have missed an era of touch screens and smartphones. Nokia and BlackBerry phones did not withstand competition from Apple and Samsung. Last both brands try to return to the phone market using Android smartphones. However, this is not related to recently lawsuit for infringement of intellectual property rights.

BlackBerry claims that Nokia unlawfully use their patents in products from the portfolio of cellular network element. Maybe you do not this, but our iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are able to call and connect to the Internet thanks to the base stations manufactured by Nokia. This Finnish telecommunications company is the leading supplier of equipment for mobile operators.

BlackBerry accused Nokia of infraction of 11 patents.

According to the 96-page lawsuit, Nokia uses BlackBerry’s solutions in the base stations from the Flexi Multiradio family (for both 4G LTE and 3G networks), radio network controllers and Liquid Radio software. Some patents originally belong to the BlackBerry, but some of them were filed by the Nortel Networks company. Why did BlackBerry sue Nokia also for these patents? BlackBerry was part of Rockstar Consortium, which also included Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Ericsson. They bought the patents owned by bankrupt Nortel Networks for $4.5 billion. Apparently, Nokia was also interested in buying the rights to these solutions, but the deal failed.

Source: ARS Technica

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